Lasers for sale from ADJ, Chauvet and Laserworld. All equipment is ideal for DJs, discos, bands, bars, clubs and events
Lighting and laser DMX controllers and software for sale from ADJ and Laserworld. All equipment is ideal for DJs, discos, bands, bars, clubs and events

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What lighting do you need? There are many different lighting effects on the market, so choosing the right kind can be quite difficult at times. There are certain effects that are favoured by bands and musicians, for example par can lights that emit either a spot or wash effect over the stage, rather than a scanning laser light that may be more suited to DJs. However, Many of the lights available can be used in most situations, it really is all down to the taste of the person using them. If you want any advice on the best set up to suit your needs then give us a call on 01684 437200 or send us over an email to and we can share our thoughts and knowledge.

What is DMX and do you need to use a controller? One of the main uncertainties in lighting is the confusion with DMX lighting. To make it very simple, if a light has a built-in DMX functionality then it can be controlled by a controller or software and potentially linked up to other DMX lights. Each light has certain numbers of DMX channels needed to control it and you can then create your own light show if matched up with the correct controller. For example the ADJ RGBW 4C IR is a 32 channel controller that can control up to 8 lights that function off a maximum of 4 DMX channels each. If the lights you are using are 5 channel or more then they will not work properly when connected to this particular controller, regardless of whether you are linking the correct number of 8 lights or less. Your lights will have to be 4 channel or below or else you will need to buy a controller that has more channels available. There are many articles and videos on the internet that go into varying degrees of detail about this so we suggest doing your homework first, or contact us with your questions. An important thing to know is the majority of lights do have built-in microphones and various exciting mode settings, so controlling your own light show with a DMX controller or software is not a necessity, it just gives you an extra option should you wish to use it.