• Professional 500mW red, green & blue text & pattern laser

• Write and animate text live with the included keyboard

• Clock projection feature

• Approximately 50x preset laser patterns

• DMX controllable

• Remote control included

• Keyboard included

• USB extension cable for keyboard included

• Stunning laser lighting for DJs, discos, bands, parties, bars, clubs and weddings

• Price quoted is for a 1 day hire (weekend classed as 1 day)


The Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX is a RGB text and pattern projection laserthat does not need any software or additional controller for operation. It comes with a special keyboard and an infrared remote control. 
With the keyboard it is possible to control the whole show laser light system.


This text laser is equipped with a strong red (650 nm, 180 mW), green (532 nm DPSS, 80 mW) and blue (445 nm, 160 mW) laser source, so the projections are well visible. The scanning systems allows for simple text projections and runs at ca. 15 kpps@4°.

The mounting bracket of the EL-500RGB KeyTEX laser can be used to mount the projector at walls, ceilings or at other appropriate objects. 



• Write texts live with the keyboard

• Save texts and recall them later

• Animate the texts: scrolling, flipping, typing of single letters, rotations and many more features available through the keyboard

• Trigger saved texts with infrared remote control

• Play the preset patterns and effects in automatic mode or sound mode - this can be switched with the keyboard or the infrared remote control

• Clock feature: set time and project it on any surface

• The projection (texts, patterns) can be multiplied through a diffraction grating at the laser aperture

• Controllable via DMX

• RGB projections

• Many more features available!


• Total Power typical: 490 mW / Guaranteed power: 400 mW

• Power Red: 180 mW / 650 nm

• Power Green: 80 mW / 532 nm

• Power Blue: 160 mW / 445 nm

• Beam Specifications: ca.3 mm / 2 mrad

• Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS

• Laser Class: 3B

• Operation Modes: Stand alone mode, Music mode, Text mode, Clock mode, DMX

• Scanner: ca. 15 kpps@4°, graphics capable

• Scan Angle max.: Grating ca. 90°, projection ca. 20°

• Basic Patterns: ca. 50

• Accessories: Keyboard, USB extension cable, infrared remote control, Interlock adapter, keys, external power supply 12 V

• Power Supply: 100 - 250 V AC

• Power Consumption: 10 W

• Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 85 mm

• Weight: 1.64 kg


  • All prices quoted are for a 1 day hire of the equipment. A weekend hire is classed as 1 day, so if you are collecting on a Friday then the kit must be returned the following Monday during working hours.

    All hires must be collected and returned between 9-6pm Monday-Friday unless an appointment outside of these hours has been agreed.

    A deposit is required when renting any equipment. This deposit will be refunded to the customer upon satisfactory inspection of the kit when returned to store. If the cost of the equipment being hired amounts to less than £50 then the deposit will always be £50. If a hire totals more than £50 then the deposit will match this total cost, for example a £150 total hire would also require a £150 deposit.

    The customer who is collecting the hire from the store must also bring in two forms of ID with them, these being Passport AND Driving License. We will retain one of these for the duration of the hire and take a photocopy of the other. If you are unable to provide us with either of these, or do not wish to leave one with us, then a larger deposit amount can be agreed upon.

    Late returns are liable to an extra day's charge for each day that passes, so please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are unable to return the equipment on the agreed date.

    The equipment supplied will be hired by the customer at their own risk.


    Al hire monies are personally guaranteed by the person signing for the equipment, even if representing another person or company.


    The hirer or signee is completely responsible for the safekeeping of any equipment plus any damage due to misuse.


    In the result of a hire not being returned by 7 days after the agreed return date, the hirer will be instructed to pay for the goods in full along with any additional costs incurred to Music Sound & Lighting.

    If you are wanting the equipment to be delivered, set up and/or collected then please contact us for a quote.

    Phone: 01684 437200

    Email: info@musicsoundandlighting.co.uk