• Plug & Play DJ Disco Package

• 2x 1000W Powered FBT X-Lite 15A Speakers with Stands (2000W total) 

• Numark M4 Mixer with Leads to connect to the Speakers and your own MP3 Device (Not Included)

• Extra 2x Channels on the Mixer to connect Turntables or other Devicess

• Shure SM58 Handheld Microphone with Lead
• ADJ Boom Box FX1 or FX2 4-FX-IN-1 LED & Laser Light with Stand
• 4 Foot DJ Desk with LED Star Cloth Lighting Effect

• All power leads included

• Price quoted is for a 1 Day Hire


All of our Plug & Play Disco Packages have been carefully planned with all of your special days and events in mind. Take control of the music you play, keep those spiralling costs down and have a party to remember!


The Plug & Play DJ Disco Package gives you everything you will need for your event.


A pair of exceptional sounding powerful Speakers connect to the great quality Mixer with the two leads provided. You then simply hook up your MP3 device to this Mixer with the third lead provided, or connect Turntables if you wish, turn the volume up and your music is sorted. For any speeches, announcements or impromptu singing then a professional Microphone and 5m Lead are provided and again setting up couldn't be easier. All you need to do is plug in the Lead to the Mixer and the Microphone, and then increase the volume until you can be heard!


With the audio side of things sorted it's on to the lights. In keeping with the setting up of the Speakers, this is a very simple operation! You have a stunning 4-FX-IN-1 LED and Laser Light which needs to be plugged in...and that is it...you will have light immediately!


Finally to ensure your DJ looks the part, a 4 foot DJ Desk is included with a wrap around LED Star Cloth. The Desk breaks down into two side pieces and four 4-ft sections...simply put them together...it takes no time at all! Then attach the Star Cloth by fastening the velcro straps along the top and put the Desk Top on the Stand. You are now ready to party! 


So save yourself some pennies, without skimping on quality!


  • All prices quoted are for a 1 day hire of the equipment. A weekend hire is classed as 1 day, so if you are collecting on a Friday then the kit must be returned the following Monday during working hours.

    All hires must be collected and returned between 9-6pm Monday-Friday unless an appointment outside of these hours has been agreed.

    A deposit is required when renting any equipment. This deposit will be refunded to the customer upon satisfactory inspection of the kit when returned to store. If the cost of the equipment being hired amounts to less than £50 then the deposit will always be £50. If a hire totals more than £50 then the deposit will match this total cost, for example a £150 total hire would also require a £150 deposit.

    The customer who is collecting the hire from the store must also bring in two forms of ID with them, these being Passport AND Driving License. We will retain one of these for the duration of the hire and take a photocopy of the other. If you are unable to provide us with either of these, or do not wish to leave one with us, then a larger deposit amount can be agreed upon.

    Late returns are liable to an extra day's charge for each day that passes, so please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are unable to return the equipment on the agreed date.

    The equipment supplied will be hired by the customer at their own risk.


    Al hire monies are personally guaranteed by the person signing for the equipment, even if representing another person or company.


    The hirer or signee is completely responsible for the safekeeping of any equipment plus any damage due to misuse.


    In the result of a hire not being returned by 7 days after the agreed return date, the hirer will be instructed to pay for the goods in full along with any additional costs incurred to Music Sound & Lighting.

    If you are wanting the equipment to be delivered, set up and/or collected then please contact us for a quote.

    Phone: 01684 437200

    Email: info@musicsoundandlighting.co.uk